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[LISTEN] Hollywood screenwriter, Hollie Overton, on her debut novel, “Baby Doll”.

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Screenwriter, Hollie Overton, is known for her work on the hit crime series, Cold Case, or the series, Shadowhunters. Now she’s turned her pen to print with her debut novel, Baby Doll.

The book begins with 24-year old Lily’s escape from captivity. She’s been held against her will since being kidnapped in front of her high school at the age of 16. Along with her six-year old daughter Sky (whose father is their captor), Lily now has to learn to pick up the pieces, along with her twin sister and other family members whose trauma and grief can’t be erased just because their loved one has been returned to them.

Baby Doll has inevitably been compared to the novel and subsequent film, Room, which also concerns a woman who escapes from captivity after being locked in a small room for years, along with her son, fathered by her kidnapper. Room is told from the point of view of the little boy and is set mainly in the room in question. Baby Doll is about what happens after the escape and the story is told from the point of view of multiple characters, including Lily, her twin sister, Abby, their mother and the kidnapper himself.

Hollie agreed to wake up early in Los Angeles to speak to Andrea van Wyk about the novel.

Listen to the podcast of the interview below or download for later:

This interview was first played on PowerFM on 14 August 2016.

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