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[LISTEN] Dorothy Black on her book, “The Dot Spot. Adventures in Love and Sex”.

dot collageWell-known sex writer, Dorothy Black, has finally written a book. Her blog, The Dot Spot, has been immensely popular because of its honest, no-holds-barred attitude to talking about sex and dating. Black’s book, The Dot Spot. Adventures in Love and Sex, is just as frank, witty, and informative.

There are plenty of books about sex, dating, and relationships. But few are as accessible, as readable as Black’s. She’s unafraid of revealing her own history and experiences with the various topics, which helps the reader relate to her.

This books isn’t just about sex toys and intercourse; it’s about the questions we ask ourselves every day. How should we think about sex when we’re single? How do we move away from preconceived ideas about what is “normal” and “good” when it comes to sex? How can we make room for relationships that are not monogamous, not just between one male and one female, that may involve practices like BDSM or threesomes? The book explores how not just to feel sex but to think about sex, how to explore your own body, and ask for what you want (because damn it we all deserve to get just that).

South Africans struggle to talk about sex, so a book like this is crucial in helping the country open up about something that is an integral part of life and love. The Dot Spot is a must read, not just for women, but men as well.

Listen to the interview or download it for later:


This interview was first played on PowerFM on 7 August 2016. 

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