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Andrea van Wyk talks for a living as a radio news anchor and presenter, whose first love is the escapism and beauty of the arts. If she could read books and watch movies for a living, she would. Her favourite Disney film is "Beauty and the Beast". Duh! Belle gets to have her own library, (which Andrea covets so badly she has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this). Andrea’s also a wannabe foodie (why eat things that don’t taste good?) and loves to try new restaurants and wine. She likes to pretend she could have made it as a stage actress (after all, she did play Anna in her high school production of the "The King and I"). She wants to write a best-selling AND critically acclaimed novel (who doesn’t), if only award-winning authors stopped stealing her stories.

“La La Land” the big Globes winner.


It’s always a little tough writing about the Golden Globes as a South African critic because local reviewers will have only watched around half of the films nominated. The Oscars are always easier as they end off the awards season and by then ...

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“Passengers” — a cosmic love story.


The poet, Emily Dickinson, wrote of loneliness “Ourself behind ourself, concealed —Should startle most —Assassin hid in our Apartment Be Horror’s least.” Loneliness is a force that confronts and unmakes the self. Humans are by and large social creatures. It ...

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