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[LISTEN] Michela Wong explores colonialism in Africa in “Borderlines”.

International journalist and former foreign correspondent in Africa, Michela Wrong, explores a number of topical themes in her debut novel Borderlines: the legacy of colonialism, the involvement of the West in the independence of African nations, secession, international justice, the role of international bodies like the United Nations, and international arbitration through The Hague.

In the book, British lawyer, Paula Shackleton, is asked by another lawyer, Winston Peabody, to help represent the fictional Horn of Africa nation, North Darrar, in a border arbitration dispute with the country’s neighbour, Darrar, from which it has seceded. Taking testimony in scorching refugee camps, and delving into the colonial past, Paula becomes increasingly uneasy about her role.

I interviewed Michela during a very brief visit to South Africa. Listen or download the podcast directly:

This interview was first played on PowerFM on 22 May 2016. 

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